Perl 5 version 12.1 documentation



TAP::Object - Base class that provides common functionality to all TAP::* modules


Version 3.17


  1. package TAP::Whatever;
  2. use strict;
  3. use vars qw(@ISA);
  4. use TAP::Object;
  5. @ISA = qw(TAP::Object);
  6. # new() implementation by TAP::Object
  7. sub _initialize {
  8. my ( $self, @args) = @_;
  9. # initialize your object
  10. return $self;
  11. }
  12. # ... later ...
  13. my $obj = TAP::Whatever->new(@args);


TAP::Object provides a default constructor and exception model for all TAP::* classes. Exceptions are raised using Carp.


Class Methods


Create a new object. Any arguments passed to new will be passed on to the _initialize method. Returns a new object.

Instance Methods


Initializes a new object. This method is a stub by default, you should override it as appropriate.

Note: new expects you to return $self or raise an exception. See _croak, and Carp.


Raise an exception using croak from Carp, eg:

  1. $self->_croak( 'why me?', 'aaarrgh!' );

May also be called as a class method.

  1. $class->_croak( 'this works too' );


Create a new instance of the specified class.


Create simple getter/setters.

  1. __PACKAGE__->mk_methods(@method_names);