Perl 5 version 16.1 documentation



ExtUtils::MM_Cygwin - methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker


  1. use ExtUtils::MM_Cygwin; # Done internally by ExtUtils::MakeMaker if needed


See ExtUtils::MM_Unix for a documentation of the methods provided there.

  • os_flavor

    We're Unix and Cygwin.

  • cflags

    if configured for dynamic loading, triggers #define EXT in EXTERN.h

  • replace_manpage_separator

    replaces strings '::' with '.' in MAN*POD man page names

  • init_linker

    points to libperl.a

  • maybe_command

    If our path begins with /cygdrive/ then we use ExtUtils::MM_Win32 to determine if it may be a command. Otherwise we use the tests from ExtUtils::MM_Unix .

  • dynamic_lib

    Use the default to produce the *.dll's. But for new archdir dll's use the same rebase address if the old exists.

  • all_target

    Build man pages, too