Perl 5 version 22.1 documentation



ExtUtils::Miniperl - write the C code for perlmain.c


  1. use ExtUtils::Miniperl;
  2. writemain(@directories);
  3. # or
  4. writemain($fh, @directories);
  5. # or
  6. writemain(\$filename, @directories);


writemain() takes an argument list of directories containing archive libraries that relate to perl modules and should be linked into a new perl binary. It writes a corresponding perlmain.c file that is a plain C file containing all the bootstrap code to make the modules associated with the libraries available from within perl. If the first argument to writemain() is a reference to a scalar it is used as the filename to open for output. Any other reference is used as the filehandle to write to. Otherwise output defaults to STDOUT .

The typical usage is from within a Makefile generated by ExtUtils::MakeMaker. So under normal circumstances you won't have to deal with this module directly.