"New Platforms" in perl5005delta

New Platforms BeOS is now supported. See README.beos. DOS is now supported under the DJGPP tools.

"New Modules" in perl5005delta

Modules and Pragmata New Modules B Perl compiler and tools. See B.

"New and changed syntax" in perl5004delta

New and changed syntax $coderef->(PARAMS) A subroutine reference may now be suffixed with an arrow ... This new syntax follows the pattern of $hashref->{FOO} and $aryref->[$foo]: You may now write &$subref

"New INIT keyword" in perl5005delta

New INIT keyword INIT subs are like BEGIN and END, but they get run just before the perl runtime begins

"New qr// operator" in perl5005delta

New qr// operator The qr// operator, which is syntactically similar to the other quote-like operators

"New lock keyword" in perl5005delta

New lock keyword The lock keyword is the fundamental synchronization primitive in threaded perl.

"New Diagnostics" in perl5004delta

New Diagnostics Several new conditions will trigger warnings that were silent before. ... The following new warnings and errors outline these.

"About the new versioning system" in perl5005delta

About the new versioning system Perl is now developed on two tracks: a maintenance track that makes ... Perl 5.005 is the combined product of the new dual-track development scheme.

"New and changed builtin constants" in perl5004delta

New and changed builtin constants __PACKAGE__ The current package name at compile time, or the undefined

"New Diagnostics" in perl5005delta

New Diagnostics Ambiguous call resolved as CORE::%s(), qualify as such or use & (W) A subroutine you

"New and changed builtin variables" in perl5004delta

New and changed builtin variables $^E Extended error message on some platforms. ... Not actually new, but newly documented.

"New builtin methods" in perl5004delta

New builtin methods The UNIVERSAL package automatically contains the following methods that are inherited

"New Opcode module and revised Safe module" in perl5004delta

New Opcode module and revised Safe module A new Opcode module supports the creation, manipulation and ... The revised Safe module has a new API and is implemented using the new Opcode module.

"New and changed builtin functions" in perl5004delta

It is the recommended method for new code. ... (Not actually new; just never documented before.)

"Relaxed new mandatory warnings introduced in 5.004" in perl5005delta

Relaxed new mandatory warnings introduced in 5.004 Many new warnings that were introduced in 5.004 have ... See "New Diagnostics".

"Foo:: can be used as implicitly quoted package name" in perl5005delta

The recommended way to write barewords in the indirect object slot is new Foo:: @args. ... Note that the method new() is called with a first argument of Foo, not Foo:: when you do that.

"Perl Source Compatibility" in perl5005delta

Some new keywords have been introduced. ... See "New INIT keyword", "New lock keyword", and "New qr// operator".

"Documentation Changes" in perl5004delta

perldebug Although not new, this has been massively updated. ... perlsec Although not new, this has been massively updated.

"Regular Expressions" in perl5005delta

Regular Expressions Perl's regular expression engine has been seriously overhauled, and many new constructs ... >RE) \z New operator for precompiled regular expressions See "New qr// operator".

"More precise warnings" in perl5004delta

Each new perl version tends to remove some undesirable warnings, while adding new warnings that may catch

"Quicksort is internally implemented" in perl5005delta

The new qsort() is resistant to inconsistent comparison functions, so Perl's sort() will not provoke ... In our testing, the new qsort() required the minimal number of pair-wise compares on average, among all

"Support for More Operating Systems" in perl5004delta

Support for More Operating Systems Support for the following operating systems is new in Perl 5.004.

"Math::Trig" in perl5004delta

Math::Trig This new module provides a simpler interface to parts of Math::Complex for those who need

"Tied handles support is better" in perl5005delta

There is also a new base class for TIEARRAY implementations. See Tie::Array.

"Default installation structure has changed" in perl5005delta

Default installation structure has changed The new Configure defaults are designed to allow a smooth

"C Language API Changes" in perl5004delta

perl_eval_pv A new function handy for eval'ing strings of Perl code inside C code. ... New extensions must use the new hash access functions and macros if they wish to use SV* keys.

"C Source Compatibility" in perl5005delta

C Source Compatibility There have been a large number of changes in the internals to support the new ... New extensions should not refer to perl globals by their unqualified names.

"Utility Changes" in perl5004delta

Sends converted HTML to standard output The pod2html utility included with Perl 5.004 is entirely new

"pod2html" in perl5004delta

Sends converted HTML to standard output The pod2html utility included with Perl 5.004 is entirely new

"Compilation option: Binary compatibility with 5.003" in perl5004delta

Compilation option: Binary compatibility with 5.003 There is a new Configure question that asks if you

"Licensing" in perl5005delta

Licensing Perl has a new Social Contract for contributors. See Porting/Contract.

"Internal change: FileHandle class based on IO::* classes" in perl5004delta

We suggest, but do not require, that you use the IO::* modules in new code.

"Utility Changes" in perl5005delta

perlcc, a new experimental front end for the compiler is available.

"Fcntl" in perl5004delta

Fcntl New constants in the existing Fcntl modules are now supported, provided that your operating system

"Modules and Pragmata" in perl5005delta

Modules and Pragmata New Modules B Perl compiler and tools. See B.

"Changes to tainting checks" in perl5004delta

The new restrictions when tainting include: No glob() or <*> These operators may spawn the C shell

"Pragmata" in perl5004delta

Pragmata Six new pragmatic modules exist: use autouse MODULE => qw(sub1 sub2 sub3) Defers require

"Changes in existing modules" in perl5005delta

Carp Carp has a new function cluck(). cluck() warns, like carp(), but also adds a stack backtrace to

"Malloc enhancements" in perl5004delta

Three new compilation flags are recognized by malloc.c.

"Module information summary" in perl5004delta

Module information summary Brand new modules, arranged by topic rather than strictly alphabetically: