perlnewmod - preparing a new module for distribution

NAME perlnewmod - preparing a new module for distribution DESCRIPTION This document gives you some ... Check it's new There are a lot of modules on CPAN, and it's easy to miss one that's similar to what

perldelta - what's new for perl v5.6.x

IO::Socket::INET->new now sets $! ... New Configure flags The following new flags may be enabled on the Configure command line by running

perlmodlib - constructing new Perl modules and finding existing ones

Try to design the new module to be easy to extend and reuse. ... For example, does your application still work if you change: $obj = new YOURCLASS; into: $obj = new SUBCLASS

Dumpvalue - provides screen dump of Perl data.

SYNOPSIS use Dumpvalue; my $dumper = new Dumpvalue; $dumper->set(globPrint => 1); $dumper->dumpValue ... (\*::); $dumper->dumpvars('main'); DESCRIPTION Creation A new dumper is created by a call $d = new

Search::Dict - search for key in dictionary file

Returns the new file position, or -1 if an error occurs.

perlthrtut - tutorial on threads in Perl

The simplest, straightforward way to create a thread is with new(): use Thread; $thr = new Thread ... Thread::Semaphore; $GlobalVariable = 0; $thr1 = new Thread \&sample_sub, 1; $thr2 = new Thread \&

SelectSaver - save and restore selected file handle

SelectSaver - save and restore selected file handle SYNOPSIS use SelectSaver; { my $saver = new ... SelectSaver; # new handle may be selected, or not } # previous handle is selected DESCRIPTION A

Tie::Scalar - base class definitions for tied scalars

, 'NewScalar'; tie $new_std_scalar, 'NewStdScalar'; DESCRIPTION This module provides some skeletal ... Associates a new scalar instance with the specified class.

Tie::Hash - base class definitions for tied hashes

, 'NewHash'; tie %new_std_hash, 'NewStdHash'; DESCRIPTION This module provides some skeletal methods ... Associates a new hash instance with the specified class.

Pod::Plainer - Perl extension for converting Pod to old style Pod.

SYNOPSIS use Pod::Plainer; my $parser = Pod::Plainer -> new (); $parser -> parse_from_filehandle(\* ... This can be used to pre-process Pod before using tools which do not recognise the new style Pods.

Tie::Handle - base class definitions for tied handles

NAME Tie::Handle, Tie::StdHandle - base class definitions for tied handles SYNOPSIS package NewHandle ... Associates a new glob instance with the specified class.

perlfork - Perl's fork() emulation (EXPERIMENTAL, subject to change)

and all its state, and run the cloned interpreter in a separate thread, beginning execution in the new ... This limitation can be easily worked around in new code by creating a pipe explicitly.

perlxs - XS language reference manual

then the C++ new function will be called to create a dynamic C++ object. ... color * color::new() The generated C++ code will call new.

AnyDBM_File - provide framework for multiple DBMs

This way old programs that used to use NDBM via dbmopen() can still do so, but new ones can reorder @ ... trivial to copy database formats: use POSIX; use NDBM_File; use DB_File; tie %newhash, 'DB_File', $new_filename

perlreftut - Mark's very short tutorial about references

USA: Chicago, New York, Washington. ... , and $aref2 is assigned a reference to the new array.

B - The Perl Compiler

The B module is of use to those who want to write new compiler backends.

perlbot - Bag'o Object Tricks (the BOT)

A subclass may want to override that data and replace it with new data. ... bless $self, $type; } package main; $a = Bar->new; $b = Foo->new; $a->enter; $b->enter; INHERITING

Pod::InputObjects - objects representing POD input paragraphs, commands, etc.

It has the following methods/attributes: Pod::Paragraph->new() my $pod_para1 = Pod::Paragraph->new( ... Pod::ParseTree->new() my $ptree1 = Pod::ParseTree->new; my $ptree2 = new Pod::ParseTree; my $ptree4

Pod::ParseUtils - helpers for POD parsing and conversion

The following methods are available: Pod::List->new() Create a new list object. ... The following methods are available: Pod::Cache->new() Create a new cache object.

IO::Select - OO interface to the select system call

CONSTRUCTOR new ( [ HANDLES ] ) The constructor creates a new object and optionally initialises ... $new = $lsn->accept; $sel->add($new); } else { #

ExtUtils::Packlist - manage .packlist files

The new() method returns a reference to a hash. ... If no file is specified, the .packlist specified to new() will be read.

fields - compile-time class fields

{ my $class = shift; my $self = fields::new($class); $self->SUPER::new(); ... The following functions are supported: new fields::new() creates and blesses a pseudo-hash comprised

perlapi - autogenerated documentation for the perl public API

void New(int id, void* ptr, int nitems, type) newAV Creates a new AV. ... void newCONSTSUB(HV* stash, char* name, SV* sv) newHV Creates a new HV.

Class::Struct - declare struct-like datatypes as Perl classes

The new class is given a constructor method, new, for creating struct objects. ... Initializing with new struct always creates a constructor called new.

perlobj - Perl objects

Here is a typical constructor: package Critter; sub new { bless {} } That word new isn't special. ... Saying new Critter ('Bam' x 2), 1.4, 45 would be equivalent to Critter->new('Bam' x 2), 1.4, 45 which

perltoot - Tom's object-oriented tutorial for perl

Person::new() is the function that both the Person->new() method and the Employee->new() method end up ... () Person::new("Person") Employee->new() Person::new("Employee") So don't use function

IO::Socket - Object interface to socket communications

(see the Symbol package). new optionally takes arguments, these arguments are in key-value pairs. new ... In a scalar context the new socket is returned, or undef upon failure.

IO::Pipe - supply object methods for pipes

NAME IO::Pipe - supply object methods for pipes SYNOPSIS use IO::Pipe; $pipe = new IO::Pipe; if( ... If no arguments are given then method handles is called on the new IO::Pipe object.

CGI::Cookie - Interface to Netscape Cookies

cookies and send them $cookie1 = new CGI::Cookie(-name=>'ID',-value=>123456); $cookie2 = new CGI::Cookie ... Creating New Cookies $c = new CGI::Cookie(-name => 'foo', -value => 'bar

IO::File - supply object methods for filehandles

NAME IO::File - supply object methods for filehandles SYNOPSIS use IO::File; $fh = new IO::File; ... CONSTRUCTOR new ( FILENAME [,MODE [,PERMS]] ) Creates a IO::File.

perlxstut - Tutorial for writing XSUBs

new features. ... XPUSHs(sv_2mortal(newSVnv(buf.f_type))); XPUSHs(sv_2mortal(newSVnv(buf.f_fsid[0])));

Test::Tutorial - A tutorial about writing really basic tests

So we test new(). #! ... /usr/bin/perl -w use Test::Simple tests => 2; use Date::ICal; my $ical = Date::ICal->new;

CGI::Fast - CGI Interface for Fast CGI

time there's a new request, CGI::Fast returns a CGI object to your loop. ... The rest of the time your script waits in the call to new().

FileHandle - supply object methods for filehandles

NAME FileHandle - supply object methods for filehandles SYNOPSIS use FileHandle; $fh = new FileHandle ... FileHandle::new_from_fd creates a FileHandle like new does.

Thread - manipulate threads in Perl (EXPERIMENTAL, subject to change)

FUNCTIONS new \&start_sub new \&start_sub, LIST new starts a new thread of execution in the referenced ... Like new Thread, async returns a thread object.

IPC::Msg - SysV Msg IPC object class

( KEY , FLAGS ) Creates a new message queue associated with KEY. ... On creation of a new message queue FLAGS is used to set the permissions.

Data::Dumper - stringified perl data structures, suitable for both printing and eval

Same rules apply for names as in new. ... package main; $foo = Foo->new; $fuz = Fuz->new; $boo = [ 1, [], "abcd", \*foo, {1 => 'a',

IO::Socket::INET - Object interface for AF_INET domain sockets

CONSTRUCTOR new ( [ARGS] ) Creates an IO::Socket::INET object, which is a reference to a newly created ... symbol (see the Symbol package). new optionally takes arguments, these arguments are in key-value pairs

perlcall - Perl calling conventions from C

to the variable keepSub in one operation using newSVsv. ... \n") ; PUSHMARK(SP) ; XPUSHs(sv_2mortal(newSViv(fh))) ; XPUSHs(sv_2mortal(newSVpv(buffer

perlguts - Introduction to the Perl API

The six routines are: SV* newSViv(IV); SV* newSVnv(double); SV* newSVpv(const char*, int); SV* newSVpvn ... For historical reasons, newRV is a synonym for newRV_inc.

Tie::Array - base class for tied arrays

NAME Tie::Array - base class for tied arrays SYNOPSIS package NewArray; use Tie::Array; @ISA = ('Tie ... ; $object = tie @somearray,Tie::StdArray; $object = tie @somearray,Tie::NewStdArray; DESCRIPTION This

IPC::Semaphore - SysV Semaphore IPC object class

( KEY , NSEMS , FLAGS ) Create a new semaphore set associated with KEY. ... On creation of a new semaphore set FLAGS is used to set the permissions.

perllol - Manipulating Arrays of Arrays in Perl

That's all well and good for declaration of a fixed data structure, but what if you wanted to add new ... What about adding new columns?

overload - Package for overloading perl operations

Use this module like this: require symbolic; my $iter = new symbolic 2; # 16-gon my $side = new symbolic ... After this change one can do my $a = new symbolic 3; my $b = new symbolic 4; my $c = sqrt($a**2 + $b

Pod::Parser - base class for creating POD filters and translators

new() my $parser = Pod::Parser->new(); This is the constructor for Pod::Parser and its subclasses. ... (); my $parser2 = new MyParser(); my $parser3 = $parser2->new(); where MyParser is some subclass of

IO::Dir - supply object methods for directory handles

NAME IO::Dir - supply object methods for directory handles SYNOPSIS use IO::Dir; $d = new IO::Dir ... new ( [ DIRNAME ] ) new is the constuctor for IO::Dir objects.

Term::ReadLine - Perl interface to various readline packages. If no real package is found, substitutes stubs instead of basic functions.

new returns the handle for subsequent calls to following functions. ... newTTY takes two arguments which are input filehandle and output filehandle.

CGI::Push - Simple Interface to Server Push

Every time your subroutine is called, it generates a new page. ... USING CGI::Push CGI::Push adds one new method to the standard CGI suite, do_push().

Safe - Compile and execute code in restricted compartments

Each compartment has a new namespace The "root" of the namespace (i.e. ... Methods in class Safe To create a new compartment, use $cpt = new Safe; Optional argument is (NAMESPACE

perllexwarn - Perl Lexical Warnings

instead") ; new(@_) ; } sub new ... 1 ; The function open has been deprecated, so code has been ... use Original ; use Derived ; use warnings 'Derived'; my $a = new Original ; $a->doit(1) ; my $b = new

CGI - Simple Common Gateway Interface Class

This feature is new in 2.63. ... '}, "Open a new frame"); <A HREF="fred.html",TARGET="_new">Open a new frame</A> You may

perltootc - Tom's OO Tutorial for Class Data in Perl

package Some_Class; our($CData1, $CData2); # our() is new to perl5.6 sub new { my $ ... But if you store a new value to them, that new value is set on the current object.

Pod::Text - Convert POD data to formatted ASCII text

See Pod::Parser for all the details; briefly, one creates a new parser with Pod::Text->new() and then ... Please change to the new calling convention, though.

IO::Handle - supply object methods for I/O handles

CONSTRUCTOR new () Creates a new IO::Handle object. ... new_from_fd ( FD, MODE ) Creates a IO::Handle like new does.

Net::Ping - check a remote host for reachability

NAME Net::Ping - check a remote host for reachability SYNOPSIS use Net::Ping; $p = Net::Ping->new ... Functions Net::Ping->new([$proto [, $def_timeout [, $bytes]]]); Create a new ping object.

perltie - how to hide an object class in a simple variable

$new_nicety = PRIO_MIN; } if ($new_nicety > PRIO_MAX) { carp sprintf "WARNING ... $new_nicety = PRIO_MAX; } unless (defined setpriority(PRIO_PROCESS, $$self, $new_nicety)) {

perlhack - How to hack at the Perl internals

Does it potentially introduce new bugs? ... So, we call newBINOP to create a new binary operator.

Pod::LaTeX - Convert Pod data to formatted Latex

Pod::LaTeX - Convert Pod data to formatted Latex SYNOPSIS use Pod::LaTeX; my $parser = Pod::LaTeX->new ... $parser->StartWithNewPage(1); $newpage = $parser->StartWithNewPage; Default is false.

I18N::Collate - compare 8-bit scalar data according to the current locale

according to the current locale HAS BEEN DEPRECATED That is, please do not use it anymore for any new ... information. *** SYNOPSIS use I18N::Collate; setlocale(LC_COLLATE, 'locale-of-your-choice'); $s1 = new

File::Copy - Copy files or filehandles",\*STDOUT);' move("/dev1/fileA","/dev2/fileB"); use POSIX; use File::Copy cp; $n = FileHandle->new ... Otherwise, it copies the file to the new location and deletes the original.

ExtUtils::Installed - Inventory management of installed modules

management of installed modules SYNOPSIS use ExtUtils::Installed; my ($inst) = ExtUtils::Installed->new ... FUNCTIONS new() This takes no parameters, and searches for all the installed .packlists on the system

Test::Harness::Straps - detailed analysis of test results

analysis of test results SYNOPSIS use Test::Harness::Straps; my $strap = Test::Harness::Straps->new ... Construction new my $strap = Test::Harness::Straps->new; Initialize a new strap.

perlopentut - tutorial on opening things in Perl

; The first one won't create a new file, and the second one will always clobber an old one. ... That takes away the user's freedom to choose what permission new files will have.

Pod::Man - Convert POD data to formatted *roff input

Pod::Man - Convert POD data to formatted *roff input SYNOPSIS use Pod::Man; my $parser = Pod::Man->new ... See Pod::Parser for all the details; briefly, one creates a new parser with Pod::Man->new() and then

Test::Harness::Iterator - Internal Test::Harness Iterator

SYNOPSIS use Test::Harness::Iterator; use Test::Harness::Iterator; my $it = Test::Harness::Iterator->new ... (\*TEST); my $it = Test::Harness::Iterator->new(\@array); my $line = $it->next; DESCRIPTION FOR INTERNAL

perldsc - Perl Data Structures Cookbook

reference with a new copy of the data. ... (keys %new_folks) { $HoH{flintstones}{$what} = $new_folks{$what}; } Access and Printing of a HASH

Test::Simple - Basic utilities for writing tests.

my $btaste = Film->new({ Title => 'Bad Taste', Director => 'Peter Jackson ... kitchen one night about the problems I was having writing some really complicated feature into the new

POSIX - Perl interface to IEEE Std 1003.1

POSIX::SigSet new Create a new SigSet object. ... Create a new Termios object.

perltodo - Perl TO-DO List

to include a "ticket number" (unique ID for the new bug). ... MULTIPLICITY Complete work on safe recursive interpreters Perl->new().

perlsub - Perl subroutines

This is an efficiency mechanism that new users may wish to avoid. ... The prototype affects only interpretation of new-style calls to the function, where new-style is defined

B::Deparse - Perl compiler backend to produce perl code

Please note that this module is mainly new and untested code and is still under development, so it may ... new $deparse = B::Deparse->new(OPTIONS) Create an object to store the state of a deparsing operation

IO::Socket::UNIX - Object interface for AF_UNIX domain sockets

CONSTRUCTOR new ( [ARGS] ) Creates an IO::Socket::UNIX object, which is a reference to a newly created ... symbol (see the Symbol package). new optionally takes arguments, these arguments are in key-value pairs

ExtUtils::MakeMaker - Create a module Makefile

Static Linking of a new Perl Binary An extension that is built with the above steps is ready to use ... If you want to force the creation of a new perl, it is recommended, that you delete this Makefile.aperl

Shell - run shell commands transparently within perl> To: From: Larry Wall <> Subject: a new ... use Shell; my $sh = Shell->new; print $sh->ls; Casey AUTHOR Larry Wall Changes by

Win32 - Interfaces to some Win32 API Functions

All file information like creation time and file attributes will be copied to the new file. ... The pid of the new process is stored in PID. This function is deprecated.

Benchmark - benchmark running times of Perl code

Example: use Benchmark; $t0 = new Benchmark; # ... your code here ... ... This will force Benchmark to recalculate these timings for each new piece of code timed.

Math::BigFloat - Arbitrary length float math package

:BigFloat - Arbitrary length float math package SYNOPSIS use Math::BigFloat; $f = Math::BigFloat->new ... DESCRIPTION All basic math operations are overloaded if you declare your big floats as $float = new

perltrap - Perl traps for the unwary

Parsing Traps Traps that appear to stem from the new parser. ... @x = ('existing'); print push(@x, 'first new', 'second new'); # perl4 prints: second new # perl5 prints

Test::Builder - Backend for building test libraries

Construction new my $Test = Test::Builder->new; Returns a Test::Builder object representing the ... No matter how many times you call new(), you're getting the same object.

perldos - Perl under DOS and Windows.

here: You need the following files to build perl (or add new ... the perl binary in your module directory before you run "make test", so that you are testing with the new

Math::BigInt - Arbitrary size integer math package

Math::BigInt - Arbitrary size integer math package SYNOPSIS use Math::BigInt; $i = Math::BigInt->new ... not DESCRIPTION All basic math operations are overloaded if you declare your big integers as $i = new

perlmachten - Perl version 5 on Power MachTen systems

which compiles to object code for linking with perl), you will have to replace your perl binary with a new ... version containing the new statically-linked object module.

perlembed - how to embed perl in your C program

First you'll need to know how to convert between C types and Perl types, with newSViv() and sv_setnv( ... ) and newAV() and all their friends.

perlref - Perl references and nested data structures

Constructors are often named new() and called indirectly: $objref = new Doggie (Tail => 'short', Ears ... Its disadvantage is that it won't create a new filehandle for you.

File::Temp - return name and handle of a temporary file safely

File::Temp($template); $fname = $fh->filename; $tmp = new File::Temp( UNLINK => 0, SUFFIX => '.dat' ... new Create a temporary file object.

perlipc - Perl interprocess communication (signals, fifos, pipes, safe subprocesses, sockets, and semaphores)

file, the reading program will block and your program will supply the new signature. ... (Actually, some of the new Socket conversion functions croak() on bad arguments.)

Pod::Checker - check pod documents for syntax errors

SYNOPSIS use Pod::Checker; $syntax_okay = podchecker($filepath, $outputpath, %options); my $checker = new ... Pod::Checker->new( %options ) Return a reference to a new Pod::Checker object that inherits from Pod

perlboot - Beginner's Object-Oriented Tutorial

We can do that by drawing a new distinction, called an "instance". ... , with various ways of interpreting the arguments to new.

Devel::DProf - a Perl code profiler

New $over_* values show the measured overhead of making $over_tests calls to the profiler These values ... The lines starting with & introduce new subroutine id and show the package and the subroutine name of

Test::More - yet another framework for writing test scripts

otherwise have to write my $obj = Some::Module->new; ok( defined $obj && $obj->isa('Some::Module') ... Test::Harness upgrades no_plan and todo depend on new Test::Harness features and fixes.

ExtUtils::MM_Unix - methods used by ExtUtils::MakeMaker

Defines how to write the Makefile to produce a static new perl. ... {lc $var}, it will attempt to replace it's $prefix with a $new_prefix.

h2xs - convert .h C header files to Perl extensions

called without additional arguments; and will set the element to the supplied value (and return the new ... method to construct and return a new structure, initialised to zeroes.

DB_File - Perl5 access to Berkeley DB version 1.x

$a = new DB_File::HASHINFO ; $a->{'bsize'} ; $a->{'cachesize'} ; $a->{'ffactor'}; $a->{'hash'} ; $a-> ... $i = 2 ; $H->put($i, "Newbie", R_IAFTER) ; # and a new record before record 1.

Math::Complex - complex numbers and associated mathematical functions

Otherwise whatever you specify will be the new display style for this particular number. ... $j->display_format("polar"); There are two new display parameters.

DynaLoader - Dynamically load C libraries into Perl code

This document serves as both a specification for anyone wishing to implement the DynaLoader for a new ... This is simply a direct call to newXSUB(). Returns a reference to the installed function.

DirHandle - supply object methods for directory handles

NAME DirHandle - supply object methods for directory handles SYNOPSIS use DirHandle; $d = new DirHandle

perlvar - Perl predefined variables

The methods each take an optional EXPR, which if supplied specifies the new value for the IO::Handle ... This is a new mechanism and the details may change.

ExtUtils::MM - OS adjusted ExtUtils::MakeMaker subclass

ExtUtils::MM - OS adjusted ExtUtils::MakeMaker subclass SYNOPSIS require ExtUtils::MM; my $mm = MM->new

perlclib - Internal replacements for standard C library functions

Don't forget that with the new PerlIO layered I/O abstraction FILE* types may not even be available. ... Memory Management and String Handling Instead Of: Use: t* p = malloc(n) New

perlfunc - Perl builtin functions

\n" unless chdir '/usr/spool/news'; chdir '/usr/spool/news' or die "Can't cd to spool: $! ... Returns the new number of elements in the array.

Pod::Text::Termcap - Convert POD data to ASCII text with format escapes

ASCII text with format escapes SYNOPSIS use Pod::Text::Termcap; my $parser = Pod::Text::Termcap->new

ExtUtils::Miniperl - write the C code for perlmain.c

of directories containing archive libraries that relate to perl modules and should be linked into a new

CPAN - query, download and build perl modules from CPAN sites

->expand("Module","mod_perl"); exit if $mod->uptodate; # new mod_perl arrived, let me know all update ... Bundle/, install the new perl with the Configure option prefix, e.g. .

Pod::Select - extract selected sections of POD from input

or use Pod::Select; ## Create a parser object for selecting POD sections from the input $parser = new ... Private data fields are stored in the hash-object whose reference is returned by the new() constructor

Pod::Text::Color - Convert POD data to formatted color ASCII text

data to formatted color ASCII text SYNOPSIS use Pod::Text::Color; my $parser = Pod::Text::Color->new

perlos2 - Perl under OS/2, DOS, Win0.3*, Win0.95 and WinNT.

OS2::_control87(new,mask) the same as _control87(3) of EMX. ... dll to the "new" perl????.dll.

Tie::SubstrHash - Fixed-table-size, fixed-key-length hashing

Upon tying a new hash to this package, the developer must specify the size of the keys that will be used

Pod::Text::Overstrike - Convert POD data to formatted overstrike text

formatted overstrike text SYNOPSIS use Pod::Text::Overstrike; my $parser = Pod::Text::Overstrike->new

perlunicode - Unicode support in Perl (EXPERIMENTAL, subject to change)

Named Unicode properties and block ranges make be used as character classes via the new \p{} (matches ... However, there is a new "U" specifier that will convert between UTF-8 characters and integers.

open - perl pragma to set default disciplines for input and output

This would make it possible to stack new disciplines over the default ones.

Test - provides a simple framework for writing test scripts

QUICK START GUIDE To write a test for your new (and probably not even done) module, create a new file ... called t/test.t (in a new t directory).

Fcntl - load the C Fcntl.h defines

For new applications the newer versions of these constants are suggested (O_APPEND, O_ASYNC, O_CREAT,

IO::Poll - Object interface to system poll call

interface to system poll call SYNOPSIS use IO::Poll qw(POLLRDNORM POLLWRNORM POLLIN POLLHUP); $poll = new

ODBM_File - Tied access to odbm files

The default permissions to use if a new file is created.

NDBM_File - Tied access to ndbm files

The default permissions to use if a new file is created.

IO::Seekable - supply seek based methods for I/O objects

confuse most perl IO operators except sysread and syswrite (see perlfunc for full details) Returns the new

warnings - Perl pragma to control optional warnings

use warnings::register Creates a new warnings category with the same name as the package where the

SDBM_File - Tied access to sdbm files

The default permissions to use if a new file is created.

perlvms - VMS-specific documentation for Perl

extensions are incorporated directly into PerlShr.Exe, you'll have to rebuild Perl to incorporate a new ... Then, rebuild PerlShr.Exe to incorporate the new code.

Term::Cap - Perl termcap interface

EXAMPLES # Get terminal output speed require POSIX; my $termios = new POSIX::Termios; $termios->getattr

perldebug - Perl debugging

R Restart the debugger by exec()ing a new session. ... This module should implement a method named new that returns an object with two methods: IN and OUT.

perlsolaris - Perl version 5 on Solaris systems

for a different version of Solaris than you are running, then you will need to rebuild gcc for your new ... Versions newer than 2.7 are apparently new enough.

ExtUtils::Install - install files from here to there

Input is the contents of the module, output the new module contents.

Test::Harness - run perl standard test scripts with statistics

HARNESS_FILELEAK_IN_DIR When set to the name of a directory, harness will check after each test whether new ... (Partially done with new skip test styles) Deal with VMS's "not \nok 4\n" mistake.

perlmodinstall - Installing CPAN Modules

reason you have a statically-linked perl, and the module requires compilation, you'll need to build a new ... You can add new paths to the default @INC in the Preferences menu item in the MacPerl application ($ENV

perllocale - Perl locale handling (internationalization and localization)

If you make the new settings permanent (read on), all programs you run see the changes. ... This module is now mildly obsolete and should be avoided in new applications.

find2perl - translate find command lines to Perl code

-ncpio FILE Adds current output to "new"-style cpio-format FILE.

perlmpeix - Perl/iX for HP e3000 MPE

What's New June 1, 2000 Rebuilt to be compatible with mod_perl. ... Check here for the latest news, implemented functionality, known bugs, to-do list, etc.

Getopt::Long - Extended processing of command line options

This was the first Perl module that provided support for handling the new style of command line options ... Configuration options can be passed to the constructor: $p = new Getopt::Long::Parser config

ExtUtils::Manifest - utilities to write and check a MANIFEST file

MANIFEST file is preserved, including any comments that are found in the existing MANIFEST file in the new

perlutil - utilities packaged with the Perl distribution

for converting other languages, the pl2pm utility will help you convert old-style Perl 4 libraries to new-style

ExtUtils::Embed - Utilities for embedding Perl in C/C++ applications

xsi_body(@modules) This function returns a string of calls to newXS() that glue the module bootstrap

AutoLoader - load subroutines only on demand

Any old modules which use AutoLoader should be changed to the new calling style.

perlport - Writing portable Perl

The good news is that at least some DBM module should be available, and AnyDBM_File will use whichever ... These CPAN testers are notified by mail of each new upload, and reply to the list with PASS, FAIL, NA

perldata - Perl data types

Another use for typeglobs is to pass filehandles into a function or to create new filehandles. ... In other words, *FH must be used to create new symbol table entries; *foo{THING} cannot.

perlvos - Perl for Stratus VOS

Copy all of the files and subdirectories from the lib subdirectory into this new directory.

CGI::Carp - CGI routines for writing to the HTTPD (or other) error log

To enable this feature, export the new "warningsToBrowser" subroutine.

perldebguts - Guts of Perl debugging

They are just the first argument given to the perl memory allocation API named New(). ... Big allocations with this Id correspond to allocations of new arenas to keep HE. 602 Creates a GP

perlstyle - Perl style guide

Use the new "and" and "or" operators to avoid having to parenthesize list operators so much, and to reduce

perlsyn - Perl syntax

It's safer because if code gets added between the inner and outer loops later on, the new code won't ... While it's expecting the beginning of a new statement, if the compiler encounters a line that begins

perlfilter - Source Filters

If the parser encounters a require or use statement in a source stream, a new and distinct stream is ... is parsed: cpp_test ---> cpp filter ---> parser (INACTIVE) ----> parser As you can see, a new

ExtUtils::MM_VMS - methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker

makeaperl (override) Undertake to build a new set of Perl images using VMS commands.

perl - Practical Extraction and Report Language

perlmodinstall Perl modules: how to install from CPAN perlnewmod Perl modules: preparing a new

perlhpux - Perl version 5 on Hewlett-Packard Unix (HP-UX) systems

The C compiler that ships with all HP-UX systems is a K&R compiler that should only be used to build new

perlform - Perl formats

format: $value =~ tr/\n\t\f/ /; The remaining whitespace character, \r, forces the printing of a new

perldiag - various Perl diagnostics

You must put parentheses around the filehandle, or use the new "or" operator instead of "||". ... Reference miscount in sv_replace() (W internal) The internal sv_replace() function was handed a new

perlrun - how to execute the Perl interpreter

This switch has been superseded in favor of the new Perl code generator backends to the compiler. ... A new, fine-grained warning facility is also available if you want to manipulate entire classes of warnings

perlop - Perl operators and precedence

. $_ = <<'EOL'; $url = new URI::URL "http://www/"; die if $url eq "xXx"; EOL LOOP: { ... is: chmod 0644, <*.c>; A (file)glob evaluates its (embedded) argument only when it is starting a new

Opcode - Disable named opcodes when compiling perl code

To create new filehandles other ops such as open would need to be enabled.

perlmod - Perl modules (packages and symbol tables)

This also helps to differentiate new modules from old .pl and .ph files.

perlre - Perl regular expressions

Suppose that we want to enable a new RE escape-sequence \Y| which matches at boundary between white-space ... } { $rules{$1} or invalid($re,$1) }sgex; return $re; } Now use customre enables the new

perlretut - Perl regular expressions tutorial

In Part 2, we will assume you are comfortable with the basics and concentrate on the new features. ... These are extensions to the traditional regular expression syntax that provide powerful new tools for

perlhist - the Perl history records

5.6.1 2001-Apr-08 Rafael 5.6.2-RC1 2003-Nov-08 5.6.2 2003-Nov-15 Fix new

Config - access Perl configuration information

This may be useful for making a test installation of a new version without disturbing the existing installation