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pod2latex - convert pod documentation to latex format


  1. pod2latex *.pm
  2. pod2latex -out mytex.tex *.pod
  3. pod2latex -full -sections 'DESCRIPTION|NAME' SomeDir


pod2latex is a program to convert POD format documentation (perlpod) into latex. It can process multiple input documents at a time and either generate a latex file per input document or a single combined output file.


This section describes the supported command line options. Minimum matching is supported.

  • -out

    Name of the output file to be used. If there are multiple input pods it is assumed that the intention is to write all translated output into a single file. .tex is appended if not present. If the argument is not supplied, a single document will be created for each input file.

  • -full

    Creates a complete latex file that can be processed immediately (unless =for/=begin directives are used that rely on extra packages). Table of contents and index generation commands are included in the wrapper latex code.

  • -sections

    Specify pod sections to include (or remove if negated) in the translation. See SECTION SPECIFICATIONS in Pod::Select for the format to use for section-spec. This option may be given multiple times on the command line.This is identical to the similar option in the podselect() command.

  • -modify

    This option causes the output latex to be slightly modified from the input pod such that when a =head1 NAME is encountered a section is created containing the actual pod name (rather than NAME) and all subsequent =head1 directives are treated as subsections. This has the advantage that the description of a module will be in its own section which is helpful for including module descriptions in documentation. Also forces latex label and index entries to be prefixed by the name of the module.

  • -h1level

    Specifies the latex section that is equivalent to a H1 pod directive. This is an integer between 0 and 5 with 0 equivalent to a latex chapter, 1 equivalent to a latex section etc. The default is 1 (H1 equivalent to a latex section).

  • -help

    Print a brief help message and exit.

  • -man

    Print the manual page and exit.

  • -verbose

    Print information messages as each document is processed.


Known bugs are:

  • Cross references between documents are not resolved when multiple pod documents are converted into a single output latex file.

  • Functions and variables are not automatically recognized and they will therefore not be marked up in any special way unless instructed by an explicit pod command.




Tim Jenness <>

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Copyright (C) 2000, 2003 Tim Jenness. All Rights Reserved.