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Pod::Simple::LinkSection -- represent "section" attributes of L codes


  1. # a long story


This class is not of interest to general users.

Pod::Simple uses this class for representing the value of the "section" attribute of "L" start-element events. Most applications can just use the normal stringification of objects of this class; they stringify to just the text content of the section, such as "foo" for L<Stuff/foo> , and "bar" for L<Stuff/bI<ar>> .

However, anyone particularly interested in getting the full value of the treelet, can just traverse the content of the treeleet @$treelet_object. To wit:

  1. % perl -MData::Dumper -e
  2. "use base qw(Pod::Simple::Methody);
  3. sub start_L { print Dumper($_[1]{'section'} ) }
  4. __PACKAGE__->new->parse_string_document('=head1 L<Foo/bI<ar>baz>>')
  5. "
  6. Output:
  7. $VAR1 = bless( [
  8. '',
  9. {},
  10. 'b',
  11. bless( [
  12. 'I',
  13. {},
  14. 'ar'
  15. ], 'Pod::Simple::LinkSection' ),
  16. 'baz'
  17. ], 'Pod::Simple::LinkSection' );

But stringify it and you get just the text content:

  1. % perl -MData::Dumper -e
  2. "use base qw(Pod::Simple::Methody);
  3. sub start_L { print Dumper( '' . $_[1]{'section'} ) }
  4. __PACKAGE__->new->parse_string_document('=head1 L<Foo/bI<ar>baz>>')
  5. "
  6. Output:
  7. $VAR1 = 'barbaz';




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This module is managed in an open GitHub repository, Feel free to fork and contribute, or to clone git:// and send patches!

Patches against Pod::Simple are welcome. Please send bug reports to <>.


Copyright (c) 2004 Sean M. Burke.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


Pod::Simple was created by Sean M. Burke <>. But don't bother him, he's retired.

Pod::Simple is maintained by:

  • Allison Randal
  • Hans Dieter Pearcey
  • David E. Wheeler