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validate - run many filetest checks on a tree


    use File::CheckTree;

    $warnings += validate( q{
	/vmunix                 -e || die
	/boot                   -e || die
	/bin                    cd
	    csh                 -ex
	    csh                 !-ug
	    sh                  -ex
	    sh                  !-ug
	/usr                    -d || warn "What happened to $file?\n"


The validate() routine takes a single multiline string consisting of lines containing a filename plus a file test to try on it. (The file test may also be a "cd", causing subsequent relative filenames to be interpreted relative to that directory.) After the file test you may put || die to make it a fatal error if the file test fails. The default is || warn. The file test may optionally have a "!' prepended to test for the opposite condition. If you do a cd and then list some relative filenames, you may want to indent them slightly for readability. If you supply your own die() or warn() message, you can use $file to interpolate the filename.

Filetests may be bunched: "-rwx" tests for all of -r, -w, and -x. Only the first failed test of the bunch will produce a warning.

The routine returns the number of warnings issued.