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autodie::Scope::GuardStack - Hook stack for managing scopes via %^H


use autodie::Scope::GuardStack;
my $stack = autodie::Scope::GuardStack->new
$^H{'my-key'} = $stack;

$stack->push_hook(sub {});


This class is a stack of hooks to be called in the right order as scopes go away. The stack is only useful when inserted into %^H and will pop hooks as their "scope" is popped. This is useful for uninstalling or reinstalling subs in a namespace as a pragma goes out of scope.

Due to how %^H works, this class is only useful during the compilation phase of a perl module and relies on the internals of how perl handles references in %^H. This module is not a part of autodie's public API.



my $stack = autodie::Scope::GuardStack->new;

Creates a new autodie::Scope::GuardStack. The stack is initially empty and must be inserted into %^H by the creator.


$stack->push_hook(sub {});

Add a sub to the stack. The sub will be called once the current compile-time "scope" is left. Multiple hooks can be added per scope


Copyright 2013, Niels Thykier <>


This module is free software. You may distribute it under the same terms as Perl itself.