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Win32CORE - Win32 CORE function stubs


This library provides stubs for the functions marked as [CORE] in Win32. See that document for usage information. When any of these functions are called, the full Win32 module is loaded automatically. It is preferred that callers of these functions explicitly use Win32;.


Win32CORE was created to provide on cygwin those Win32:: functions that for regular win32 builds were provided by default in perl. In cygwin perl releases prior to 5.8.6, this module was standalone and had to be explicitly used. In 5.8.6 and later, it was statically linked into cygwin perl so this would no longer be necessary.

As of perl 5.9.5/Win32 0.27, these functions have been moved into the Win32 module. Win32CORE provides stubs for each of the former CORE Win32:: functions that internally just load the Win32 module and call it's version, and Win32CORE is statically linked to perl for both cygwin and regular win32 builds. This will permit these functions to be updated in the CPAN Win32 module independently of updating perl.