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TAP::Formatter::Base - Base class for harness output delegates


Version 3.48


This provides console orientated output formatting for TAP::Harness.


use TAP::Formatter::Console;
my $harness = TAP::Formatter::Console->new( \%args );


Class Methods


my %args = (
   verbose => 1,
my $harness = TAP::Formatter::Console->new( \%args );

The constructor returns a new TAP::Formatter::Console object. If a TAP::Harness is created with no formatter a TAP::Formatter::Console is automatically created. If any of the following options were given to TAP::Harness->new they well be passed to this constructor which accepts an optional hashref whose allowed keys are:

Any keys for which the value is undef will be ignored.


Called by Test::Harness before any test output is generated.

This is an advisory and may not be called in the case where tests are being supplied to Test::Harness by an iterator.


Called to create a new test session. A test session looks like this:

my $session = $formatter->open_test( $test, $parser );
while ( defined( my $result = $parser->next ) ) {
    exit 1 if $result->is_bailout;


$harness->summary( $aggregate );

summary prints the summary report after all tests are run. The first argument is an aggregate to summarise. An optional second argument may be set to a true value to indicate that the summary is being output as a result of an interrupted test run.