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Encode::CN - China-based Chinese Encodings


use Encode qw/encode decode/; 
$euc_cn = encode("euc-cn", $utf8);   # loads Encode::CN implicitly
$utf8   = decode("euc-cn", $euc_cn); # ditto


This module implements China-based Chinese charset encodings. Encodings supported are as follows.

Canonical   Alias		Description
euc-cn      /\beuc.*cn$/i	EUC (Extended Unix Character)
            /\bGB[-_ ]?2312(?:\D.*$|$)/i (see below)
gb2312-raw			The raw (low-bit) GB2312 character map
gb12345-raw			Traditional chinese counterpart to 
              GB2312 (raw)
iso-ir-165			GB2312 + GB6345 + GB8565 + additions
MacChineseSimp                GB2312 + Apple Additions
cp936				Code Page 936, also known as GBK 
              (Extended GuoBiao)
hz				7-bit escaped GB2312 encoding

To find how to use this module in detail, see Encode.


Due to size concerns, GB 18030 (an extension to GBK) is distributed separately on CPAN, under the name Encode::HanExtra. That module also contains extra Taiwan-based encodings.


When you see charset=gb2312 on mails and web pages, they really mean euc-cn encodings. To fix that, gb2312 is aliased to euc-cn. Use gb2312-raw when you really mean it.

The ASCII region (0x00-0x7f) is preserved for all encodings, even though this conflicts with mappings by the Unicode Consortium. See

to find out why it is implemented that way.